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Leadership Presentation

Personal Development for

  • Do you want to speak but find you have visibility showing up in front of an audience and online as you GO LIVE?

  • You have something to say, but sometimes not sure how to shape your message so that it not only lands but creates movement leading your listeners to expected destination?

  • You may need to make an offering or sell your products, services, or your position within your company, but not sure how to do this authentically without fear taking over creating resistance and no action…yet again??

  • Then IGNITE YOUR VISIBILITY is for you. This is an online course that will quickly allow you to understand what fear and resistance shows up that may keep you from showing up in front of others, both online or in person, so that your message can connect.

  • STOP: wanna get rid of this visibility problem once and for all. Then include live coaching with Kevin so that you not only go through the course, but get LIVE coaching so that we connect and cover what’s most important to you.  Get your questions asked, role play, and get so much more LIVE.

How is 1-on-1 Coaching done?


The online component allows us to explore and go deep into areas of trauma so that you can have access to the emotions, allow them to express, and then move them forward.  From there you do homework to progress you forward.


Speaker Coaching Online

  • We are able to revisit the trauma, where it occurred, and how it has impacted showed up for you in your life.

  • From your life, we develop a framework and your signature story. This allows others to see how you were able to overcome hardships and struggles, and how you can help them do the same.

  • We also look at how that trauma was able to help you today become the person you are now and how you use that strength to help others.


Speaker Coaching Online/In-Person

  • With the immersion, we do an intensive mind-mapping of your life that is soul-stirring, creative, fun, and revealing.

  • Your programs, worksheets, workshops, and assignments are developed during the intensive

  • You practice speaking your authentic signature story in ways that enhance audience connection

  • We layer on strategies and techniques to move the rooms’ energy.

  • We practice your signature close.

  • For nonprofits, you practice not only closing and asking for donations, but you get a formula that shows you how to speak on your topic at any given time connecting to hearts and minds and ending in an ask for donations in a way that supports and compels others to do so.

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