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Personal Development Coaching


Personal Development

To truly be a stand-in life for yourself, your leadership, and speaking with impact, the journey always begins with healing old wounds. Then you can learn to fly…naked, vulnerable in spirit and in life.  Releasing the old wounds of the past and any resistance to visibility and showing up as you authentically will allow you to reframe your past. Could it be possible that the unpleasant experiences we faced in life were the very thing we needed then to strengthen us for our tomorrow?


What’s included:

  • The online course

  • 12 weeks of virtual coaching

  • Deep-dive exploratory sessions to allow you to “see” into yourself and heal

  • Empowerment to choose differently in areas of past resistance and trauma.

  • Self-discovery of unlearning social programming that doesn’t support you and reframing old painful thoughts into new possibilities

  • Release of pressure, stress, and worry with different techniques and tools

  • Home play assignments that challenge you to think differently in order to GET DIFFERENT

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